Have high interest rates got your budget running like a leaky faucet? 


stop the hemorrhaging with your biggest asset - your home

With the knowledge that your home is one of the biggest assets that you will ever invest in, it is smart to use that asset to set you up for financial security. When you buy a house, it's likely you did it with the best intentions and not accumulate more debt to just pay down your mortgage. Sometimes, life happens and you take the steps you have to take. When you consider refinancing, it doesn’t mean you are setting yourself back - it means you are using your asset to set yourself up for better success.


Free up capital to serve your financial future 

Refinancing means increasing the amount of your mortgage to free up capital. The maximum we can refinance your home to is 80% of the current value.  If you have equity available in your house to refinance, it can be done for the many different reasons.

Reasons to refinance:

  • to pay out high interest debt

  • to pay out student loans

  • to free up cash for an investment

  • to carry out home renovations (can you say dream kitchen!)

  • to lower current mortgage payments

Whatever your reason, I can help you find the best rate and the right product to catapult you into a new financial season. Whatever your reason for refinancing, I can help you make it happen.



What Clients Are Saying:


"I consider Claire to not only by my mortgage broker, I also consider her a friend that took care of me through a very difficult time..."

— L.


Have you ever thought about consolidating debt by refinancing your home?

I can help you save time and money. Contact me today.


refinance your way out of high interest rates.

Your home is your biggest asset and using it to refinance can set you up for financial freedom. 

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