Buying a Home Can Be Closer To Reality. 

proactively planning the difference

Buying a new home can be one of the most taxing times in our lives. With heightened stress and excitement, anxieties can peak when paired with poor planning and service. The best outcomes with new purchases come from having a sound financial plan in place BEFORE you start looking. Set expectations and priorities before making the biggest financial investment of your life.

pre-approval changes the game

Whether this is your 1st home or your 10th,  getting a new mortgage can take so many different forms. 

When you get a pre-approval with me, you will leave the appointment knowing:

  • The price of home you qualify to purchase

  • Your options for rates, terms and special features

  • a clear outline of timelines and processes

  • list of documents you will need

You will then have one task left, and that is to go find the home you have been dreaming of.

Happy House Hunting!  




What Clients Are Saying:


"Claire made the whole process of getting a mortgage easy. She also got us a rate better than the banks were offering."

— K.& D.


Did you know we can make a plan before you've even found your home?

I can help you save time and money. Contact me today.


you have more control than you think

When you plan ahead you can find out exactly what you qualify - working towards your own home.

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